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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Model Sexting Law - Cyberbullying Research Center

By Justin W. Patchin
September 7, 2022

Tags:  legislation sexting sexting law sexting legislation

In my last post, I discussed what I learned in reviewing all of the state sexting laws across the U.S. Some states have comprehensive sexting laws while many others—23 to be exact—have no sexting specific law whatsoever. As noted in my post, this is problematic for a number of reasons, including the risk that minors who participate in this behavior may be treated by the courts as sexual predators. Even though many prosecutors have generally been using their discretion to circumvent harsh child pornography laws, still others find themselves hamstrung by laws that lack the flexibility to address the behavior with the kind of nuance necessary to accommodate vastly different circumstances.

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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Instagram: Updates to the Sensitive Content Control

The Sensitive Content Control has only two options for teens: “Standard” and “Less.” New teens on Instagram under 16 years old will be defaulted into the “Less” state. For teens already on Instagram, we will send a prompt encouraging them to select the “Less” experience.

This will make it more difficult for young people to come across potentially sensitive content or accounts in Search, Explore, Hashtag Pages, Reels, Feed Recommendations and Suggested Accounts.

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