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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Meet the Digital Citizens! | Common Sense Education: New lesson plans for K–2 students! Play video

Help little kids understand big ideas with our fun, friendly characters!

Arms, Legs, Guts, Feet, Heart, and Head: Our beloved digital citizenship characters help younger students connect with our fun lessons and sing along with their favorite songs.

Today, we're helping kids get to know our friendly characters even better with our brand-new "Meet the Digital Citizens" videos and activities. Each lesson plan connects one of our characters to a foundational digital citizenship concept—in a way that's easy for little kids to understand.

Just like always, these new lessons are completely free, along with all of our resources for educators. C'mon by and meet the Digital Citizens today!

Teens and Pornography | Common Sense Media

Engaging with pornography has been a rite of passage in many teens' exploration of sex, but since the early days of the internet, their access to the digital world has stoked concerns from parents and caregivers. Some worry that kids will stumble across pornography when they're too young to understand it, and others are concerned that older teens' exposure to pornography will influence unrealistic or even dangerous representations of what healthy sexual relationships look like.

This new report explores how a demographically representative sample of teens in the United States engaged with or experienced pornography online, from how old they were when they first encountered it, to how it impacts their views on sex and sexual relationships. The report confirms that the majority of teen respondents age 13–17 have watched pornography online—and some have seen it by age 10 or younger. And while some have discovered it accidentally, a significant number of teens said they were viewing online pornography intentionally on a regular basis.

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