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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How Young People Can Powerfully Promote Positive Relations

Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand:
How Young People Can Powerfully Promote Positive Relations

More information and preview of resources at:


Embrace Civility in the Digital Age’s research-grounded, youth-led program, Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand, promotes positive norms and teaches effective skills that encourages young people:

  • To positively intervene when they witness bullying or other hurtful situations.
  • Not to be hurtful and to make things better if they have been.
  • To demonstrate self-confidence and resilience if someone is hurtful.
Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand incorporates strategies that focus on reinforcing positive peer norms and imparting effective skills. This program is appropriate for middle and high school aged young people. An important additional component is professional development resources for adults that provide current research-grounded insight into bullying and other hurtful behavior along with initial intervention strategies that support youth acquisition of positive norms and effective skills. The program has been designed to be used in schools and also a wide range of youth organizations, including after-school programs, youth organizations, religious organizations, and summer camps.

Key Lessons Taught:

The Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand program includes the following components. You may freely preview these components on the web site. 

  • A reproducible Booklet for students that addresses hurtful behavior, being a helpful ally, reaching out to be kind, saying “stop,” reporting concerns, not being hurtful and remedying the harm, and a positive action plan to become more self-confident.
  • A Survey that can be used to identify young people’s norms, skills, and current incident rates.
  • A Slideshow for young people.
  • A Statement of Personal Values document for young people to complete.
  • A Youth Objectives document that is to be used in conjunction with the Survey, where the young people note current data and set forth positive objectives.
  • A Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand set of recommended Activities that can be used in organizations that allow members to earn pins or badges.
  • A Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand AWESOME! design that can be used for paper awards, pins, or badges.
  • A reproducible Adult Guide that provides the research basis for this program and sets forth recommendations for initial intervention approaches by adults directly working with youth.
  • A 45 minute narrated slideshow video that covers the information provided in the Adult Guide that can be used for professional development. 
The Introductory Price for this entire program is $1.00/typical number of young people in the school or organization. (Group discounts are also available for schools or organizations with over 1,500 young people.) This is a one time fee that will provide ongoing access to, and use of, the materials, including any revisions.

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