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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Get the May/June issue of the i-EDUCATOR Times now

Here are a few of the highlights of this month’s issue:

Faculty Insider
Sticks and Stones: Bullying has moved from the playground to the cyber community – what the effects are and what can we do?

Virtual Proof
Teens are charged as adults after posting a video on YouTube that records their incident of alleged kidnapping, beating and bullying.”

Social-Networking Sites Work to Become Safer
What’s being done to make it safer for students to communicate online.

States Combat Cyber Bullying
State by state, new laws are being put into place to criminalize cyber bullying.

Internet Safety Month
June is Internet Safety Month – what can you do to raise e-Safety awareness in your community now and throughout the year?

Strategy for Cyber Safety Education Success Planning Tool
First look at a new workbook–style resource to help educators implement the most effective e-Safety strategy.

i-MENTORs Making a Difference
Student mentors and their faculty advisor in Indiana have interesting insights about preparing for and then teaching e-Safety to younger students.

New Cyber Bullying Assembly Experience
Brand new! i-SAFE’s latest Assembly Experience entertains while educating middle and high school students about the growing problem of online harassment.

Updated Cyber Bullying Curriculum
A preview of the new lesson plans in i-SAFE’s Grade 3 through 8 curriculum.

Cyber Bullying Tips for Your Students
Tips on how students can prevent being cyber bullied and what they can do if they are bullied.


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