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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Download 'A Safer Online Experience' White Paper From Microsoft

Download ‘A Safer Online Experience’ White Paper From Microsoft

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 has been around for quite a few days and users are finding it as faster than Firefox browser. Microsoft will be launching the final version of Internet Explorer in a few weeks.


To help the Windows and Internet Explorer users, Microsoft released a white paper named "A Safer Online Experience" recently. If you are using or planning to use Internet Explorer 8, then it’s worth to read the white paper.


* How Internet Explorer 8 Helps You Stay Safer Online

* How Cybercriminals Operate

* Protecting Against Attacks on You

* What Can You Do To Be Safer?

* Blocking Malicious Websites

* Social Engineering Attacks

* Websites Offering Free Games, Movies or TV Shows

* Phishing Attacks

* Protecting Against Attacks On Your Computer

* What’s a Drive-By-Attack?


I am sure that "A Safer Online Experience" white paper will take your knowledge to the next level. Just download the small PDF file and start reading.

|Download A Safer Online Experience|


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