Sunday, July 17, 2011

‪Teen Bullying Prevention - A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story-6‬‏ - YouTube

‪Teen Bullying Prevention - A Cyber Bullying Suicide Story-6‬‏ - YouTube: ""


Anonymous said...

This is gone to far. I'm not talking about the cyber-bullying but the laws they are trying to make against it that are completely disregarding our constitutional rights as citizens. My heart goes out to these parents that have children that have ended their life. It is a tragedy that no one should have to go through. But there is an off button, a delete button, a sign out button, a reject button. These are put there so people do not have to get "bullied". It is your choice if you want to do such things. Making laws that violate our rights just to satisfy the few is not only preposterous but irrational. Not even getting to the fact it is IMPOSSIBLE to prove. If you actually know what you are talking about in the computer and networking world you would know 101 ways to say it wasn't you and have proof it could have been anybody. It does not take a computer science degree.

I believe it is your job as a parent to teach your kids this where this off button,sign out button,reject button, and all of these other buttons are that were made to protect your child.

And what if these "Bully's" were from a different country. Should we extradite these children to be prosecuted as cyber bully's?
Where would you like to draw the line. Should we have international laws that would violate multiple countries citizens rights?

RS said...

I disagree. With freedom comes responsibility. Hitting delete or avoiding technology is like telling an anorexic to stay away from food.

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