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Monday, June 10, 2019

FOSI Releases New Video Series and Digital Parenting Toolkit

The video series is a way to bring to life the  7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting:
  • In Episode 1, viewers watch a young family navigate Steps 1 (Talk With Your Kids) and 2 (Educate Yourself). By talking about online safety early and often, parents are able to establish healthy digital habits sooner.
  • In Episode 2, viewers watch a family discuss Steps 3 (Use Parental Controls) and 4 (Set Ground Rules and Enforce Consequences). By setting family rules and enabling parental controls, family members gain clarity on technology privileges and how to use devices and services safely.
  • In Episode 3, viewers watch a family with older kids navigate social media with Steps 5 (Friend and Follow But Don’t Stalk) and 6 (Explore, Share and Celebrate). By respecting your child’s online space and encouraging thoughtful interactions on social media, families can learn from each other and have fun online.
  • In Episode 4, parents showcase ways in which they follow Step 7 (Be a Good Digital Role Model). Parents agree that taking their own advice on online safety benefits everyone involved.
“It’s critical that parents not only understand the challenges their children might encounter online, but also how to then address those issues in a constructive way,” said Diana Graber, author of Raising Humans in a Digital World and founder of Cyberwise. “FOSI’s new tools help parents tackle difficult conversations head-on and ensure that the entire family is on the same page.”
The online toolkit includes:

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