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Monday, January 12, 2009

Parental controls in Vista

Parental controls in Vista




Controlling your children’s computer time is important. They can get in trouble if left on their own. The Internet is full of adult material. And downloading files, as kids are apt to do, can be dangerous. You can end up with a malware-infected computer.


It’s a serious concern for parents. I should know. I get a lot of questions on this topic. Parents want to know the best way to protect their kids. Do they need to buy software? Should they just lock the computer in a closet?


Well, there are many tools to help you out. One of the simplest is on Windows Vista computers. Vista's parental controls allow you to monitor and protect your children.


Their own account


First, your children need a separate user account. You can have an account for all your children. Or each child can have an individual account. Begin by clicking Start>>Control Panel. Check the left panel to be sure you're in Classic View. Double-click User Accounts. Then, click “manage another account”>>”create new account.”


Give the new account a name. Be sure the Standard User button is selected. Click Create Account.


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