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Saturday, February 14, 2009

AT&T and iKeepSafe Promote New Privacy Initiatives in Florida

AT&T and iKeepSafe Promote New Privacy Initiatives in Florida

In recognition of Data Privacy Day, AT&T Services introduced The Privacy and Online Reputation Project in an effort to increase consumer awareness of privacy issues on the Internet. Working with partner iKeepSafe and the Florida School Guidance Counselor Association, this new pilot program will provide school counselors with a handbook of guidelines on what students are posting on the Internet and provide guidelines on existing cyber-ethics tools for social networking. The handbook will inform students how to protect themselves and will include a Parent’s Primer with information about how to connect with industry for assistance when needed.

“Students, parents, and educators need to understand the importance of privacy and reputation in today’s rapidly changing digital world. Guidance counselors especially need to understand that the rules applied to the offline world also apply to the online world when it comes to future academic and employment opportunities,” said Marsali Hancock, president of iKeepSafe who spoke at the Data Privacy Day event. “AT&T has played an integral role in helping to provide school counselors and parents with insightful information and necessary tools to keep them up to speed on what kids are doing online. We are thrilled to work with AT&T on this initiative.”

Data Privacy Day was created in 2008 to promote privacy awareness and education among teens in the United States and now provides the opportunity to further international collaboration and cooperation on privacy issues. “Data Privacy Day is an especially important time to take a look at the issues we are facing with online privacy, particularly when it comes to the students in our schools who are on social networks,” said Dorothy Attwood, chief privacy officer of AT&T Services. “We look forward to working with school counselors and iKeepSafe to give these important educators the materials they need to protect students’ identities online.”


To read more about AT&T’s The Privacy and Online Reputation Project and get information on their library of Internet safety and security tips, click HERE.


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