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Monday, October 24, 2011

MTV's A Thin Line : Digital Rights Project :


MTV to Give Away Free Special-Edition Gear by Pete Wentz and Jac Vanek
to the first 10,000 People who join the “Digital Rights Project”

New York, NY – October 11, 2011 – Following the world premiere of the
original movie (DIS)CONNECTED, MTV is joining forces with its audience
to launch the crowd-sourced “MTV Digital Rights Project,” which
amplifies young peoples’ voices in the fight to end digital abuse.
Going beyond a pledge or simple list of do’s and don’ts, the project
is a living, evolving, youth-led effort in which teens and young
adults can declare and discuss their fundamental rights in a 24/7
connected world. This is the latest piece of MTV’s “A THIN LINE”
campaign, which has already empowered more than 1 million young people
to take action to stop the spread of digital abuse. MTV asked its
audience to share and vote on what they deserve when interacting
online and the audience rallied around the following rights:

Online and on my cell, I have the right to:
• Live without pressure or abuse.
• End unhealthy relationships.
• Step in and help if I see someone getting harassed.
• Take control of my decisions.
• Disconnect whenever I want.

Young people can support the “MTV Digital Rights Project” by adding
their names to the list via , by visiting the
campaign’s Facebook page or by texting “rights” to 66333.
Additionally, they can contribute by submitting new rights at or by tweeting #ihavetheright_____ and filling in
the blank.

As a way to say thank you to the early supporters of the MTV Digital
Rights Project, the network will give a free, limited-edition A THIN
LINE bracelet or dog tag, designed by Pete Wentz and designer Jac
Vanek, to the first 10,000 people who join in. The pieces aim to
encourage young people to stand up instead of stand by when they see
someone’s digital rights being violated, and remind those who are
struggling with these issues that they’re connected to help and
support. The bracelet and dog tag are also meant to ignite a dialogue
about digital drama in the real world. For more information on how to
snag the items, visit .

“We all have the right to respect and support, and there’s no level of
abuse, harassment or bullying any of us should be forced to endure –
online or offline,” said Jason Rzepka, Vice President of Public
Affairs for MTV. “The Digital Rights Project is part of MTV’s
sustained commitment to supporting our audience as they navigate the
pitfalls of constant-connectedness and develop a code of ethics for
the digital age.”

The “MTV Digital Rights Project” is the latest in a series of youth-
led efforts from the “A THIN LINE” campaign to empower young people to
draw their own line between digital use and digital abuse. A Web and
iPhone app, “Over The Line?” lets young people share, read and rate
personal stories- from humorous to dramatic – about how cell phones
and social networks are impacting their social lives. Enabling youth
to ask peers if digital behavior has “crossed the line” as well as
rate others’ stories, “Over the Line?” has elicited a strong response
with more than 9,000 user-submitted stories generating over 325,000
ratings. Additionally, “Draw Your Line” is an interactive, online
visualization that celebrates the ways young people are taking action
to stop the cycle of online bullying and abuse. To date, more than
30,000 positive actions have been posted on the site.

For more information on MTV’s “A THIN LINE” please head to .

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