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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bullying Prevention: Students Share Dos and Don'ts | Edutopia

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Stan Davis has devoted a long career to the well-being of youth, in particular their empowerment through voice and their safety and dignity through bullying prevention. With Charisse L. Nixon, Davis recently published a study of 13,177 students in fifth through twelfth grades from 31 schools and in 12 states, focusing on giving students a chance to speak about school connection, peer mistreatment, and student and adult actions.

The Findings

Writing in the report of their work, Youth Voice Project: Student Insights into Bullying and Peer Mistreatment, they state:
Read the article:
Bullying Prevention: Students Share Dos and Don'ts | Edutopia

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand

Be a Friend


Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand is Embrace Civility in the Digital Age’s research-based youth-led, positive norms program that:
  • Encourages young people to positively intervene when they witness bullying or other hurtful situations.
  • Encourages young people not to be hurtful and to remedy the harm if they have been.
  • Provides insight on positive strategies young people can use to become more self-confident.
Be a Friend ~ Lend a Hand (Version 2) incorporates strategies that focus on reinforcing positive peer norms and impart effective skills. This program is appropriate for intermediate, middle, and high school aged young people. The program has been designed to be used in schools and also a wide range of youth organizations, including after-school programs, youth organizations, religious organizations, and summer camps.
Learn more and access some resources:

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