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Monday, October 25, 2010

President Obama: It Gets Better

As part of the It Gets Better Project, President Obama shares his message of hope and support for LGBT youth who are struggling with being bullied.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

'Ugly Meter' iPhone app may be hurtful to kids and fodder for bullies

Critics of the new iPhone "Ugly Meter" app fear it's all too easy for users to harass their victims, especially when those victims are image-conscious teenagers, according to

The 99-cent app analyzes how symmetrical a person's face is by using facial recognition. It scans and rates faces as they are submitted by the user, generating a ranking on a scale of 1 to 10.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ellen and Anderson talk cyberbullying

Study: 'Kids are Alright' when it comes to privacy | Safe and Secure - CNET News

Study: 'Kids are Alright' when it comes to privacy | Safe and Secure - CNET News: "A study commissioned by Truste paints a pretty optimistic picture about how teenagers are using privacy tools on Facebook and other social networking sites. The study, entitled 'The Kids are Alright,' (PDF) reports that '80 percent of parents and 78 percent of teens feel in control of their personal information on social networking sites' and that '84 percent of parents are confident their teen is responsible with personal information on a social networking site.'"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Students suffer Facebook withdrawal |

Students suffer Facebook withdrawal |

"Time to check in on the college that banned social media for a week. How did the campus fare?

We recently told you about Harrisburg University, which blocked social media from its campus servers as an experiment to see how much students rely on it. The results are coming in – with some surprising reactions."

Read more.

Study: 92% of U.S. 2-year-olds have online record | Safe and Secure - CNET News

Study: 92% of U.S. 2-year-olds have online record | Safe and Secure - CNET News

Granular Facebook Privacy Settings: Customizing Who Can See What

This is a more advanced look at Facebook's new privacy settings showing how to: create a highly customized environment. Remove or control applications, show or block specific content to specific people, create lists or groups that can see specific content, limit access to specific posts, photos and media.

Stop Bullying: Speak Up - Special Coverage on

Stop Bullying: Speak Up - Special Coverage on

Friday, October 8, 2010

Schools Urged To Teach Youth Digital Citizenship : NPR

Schools Urged To Teach Youth Digital Citizenship : NPR: "In the wake of a Rutger University student's suicide, researchers who study youth and the Internet say schools need to do a better job of teaching kids the basics of digital citizenship."

Net Cetera - OnGuard Online

Net Cetera - OnGuard Online: "The internet offers a world of opportunities to socialize and communicate. But they come with risks.'s Net Cetera campaign provides information and resources about helping kids make safe, responsible decisions when they're online. The campaign includes:"

Facebook's New Groups Feature Worries Some - Yahoo! News

Facebook's New Groups Feature Worries Some - Yahoo! News: "This week's overhaul of Facebook groups quickly led to an outcry over the way the service works, but the bigger lesson may be simply this: Be careful who you befriend."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cyberbullying 101

Safe - The DigitalMe Certificate in Safe Social Networking for Primary Schools

Safe - The DigitalMe Certificate in Safe Social Networking for Primary Schools: "Safe is a new programme of practical, activities to develop primary children’s skills, self-confidence and safety awareness when using social network sites."

Dating Matters

Badge: Dating Matters: Learn about preventing teen dating violence. Click Here
Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention is a 60-minute, web-based training designed to help educators, youth-serving organizations, and others working with teens understand the risk factors and warning signs associated with teen dating violence. It is developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in partnership with Liz Claiborne Inc.

School Counselors Confronting Cyberbullying now an Ethical Obligation

ASCA just updated its ethical standards. Now, confronting cyberbullying is an ethical obligation for school counselors. 

According to Section A.10.e of the American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards for School Counselors, school counselors should:

Consider the extent to which cyberbullying is interfering with students’ educational process and base guidance curriculum and intervention programming for this pervasive and potentially dangerous problem on research-based and best practices. p. 3

Suicide Resources

Many of you have seen the distressing headlines. In recent weeks, a New
Jersey college student died by suicide after a video of him was posted
online.   Other reports state that at least three younger teens in
Indiana and California took their lives after being subjected to ongoing
harassment for being gay, or being perceived as being gay. In response,
some of the messages have inadvertently misstated what is known about
the links between bullying and suicide, and sexual orientation and
suicide. Some news media have included *facts* such as: *LGBT youth are
4 times more likely to commit suicide*. Other articles and press
releases imply that suicide is a *normal* or expected response to
anti-gay bullying.

You may be involved in efforts to address these tragedies, or in a
position to be contacted by news media for commentary and information on
suicidal behavior among GLBT youth. We wanted to remind you of several
resources that may be helpful to you:

Safe and Effective Messaging. ( ) This
document for suicide prevention practitioners offers evidence-based
recommendations for creating safe and effective messages to raise public
awareness that suicide is a serious and preventable public health
problem. It contains Do*s and Don*ts for creating public messages for
suicide prevention.

At-a-glance: Safe Reporting on Suicide. ( ) Often
confused with the above document, this consensus document provides
recommendations for news media. It is currently in the process of being
revised and updated but until the revised version is available, please
use this one. We provide it every time we are in contact with a reporter
or editor. It is only two pages long and they do read it.

Suicide risk and prevention for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
youth ( )
This 2008 publication addresses the special concerns related to suicide
prevention among lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth.
It summarizes the current state of knowledge about suicidality in this
population, and outlines twenty-one recommendations for helping to
reduce suicidal behavior among LGBT youth.  As the introduction states:
*For several reasons, little can be said with certainty about suicide
deaths among LGB people. Most mortality data do not include sexual
orientation. However, based on the higher rate of suicide attempts among
LGB youth and the relative seriousness of their suicide attempts, it is
likely that LGB youth experience higher rates of suicide deaths than
their non-LGB peers. While limited information is available on suicidal
behavior among transgender youth, it is plausible to hypothesize that
transgender youth, in common with LGB youth, have elevated risk and
lower protective factors and higher rates of suicidal behavior.*

Finally, if you are reaching out to news media, you may find this
guide, created for SPRC by SPAN USA a few years back, helpful:

Guide to engaging the media in suicide prevention ( )
This 44-page guide teaches you how to serve as an effective media
spokesperson and how to generate media coverage to create awareness of
suicide prevention. The publication describes how to use television,
radio, and print media and provides examples of pres
s releases, media
advisories, pitch letters, op-eds and more. It also gives tips for
identifying appropriate media outlets, creating up-to-date media lists,
and tracking your results.
Please use this list to discuss your successes and challengeswith your
colleagues. As always, we encourage you to contact us if you need


Anara Guard
Senior Advisor
Suicide Prevention Resource Center
EDC, Inc. 617-618-2572

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Study: Texting Laws Haven't Reduced Crashes : NPR

Study: Texting Laws Haven't Reduced Crashes : NPR

A new study from the insurance industry finds texting while driving laws have had no immediate benefit in reducing crashes. The study looked at crash data from four states with texting bans. It found that in three of the states -- California, Louisiana and Minnesota -- crashes actually increased.

Social networking — no parents allowed |

No parents. No employers. That’s what a student networking site that recently launched is promising its users. CollegeOnly, the latest in a growing list of social networking sites, restricts membership to students.

Rosalind Wiseman | creating cultures of dignity

Rosalind Wiseman | creating cultures of dignity: "Rosalind Wiseman’s Girl World Tour, presented by Dove go fresh, is back on the road this fall! Catch her as she brings moms and daughters together for an evening of discussion and laughter in 8 more cities across the US! Visit the Girl World Tour page in the ‘Programs’ section for more details!"

National Center for Bullying Prevention

National Center for Bullying Prevention: "This year marks the fifth anniversary of PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Month that unites communities nationwide to raise awareness of bullying prevention. Traditionally held the first week in October, the event has been expanded to include activities, education, and awareness building for the entire month."

AT&T | TXTing While Driving | Yeah

Educator accused of sexting teen | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/25/2010

Educator accused of sexting teen | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/25/2010

Sexting prosecutor: His lawyer said at a hearing today that District Attorney Kenneith Kratz intends to resign -

Sexting prosecutor: His lawyer said at a hearing today that District Attorney Kenneith Kratz intends to resign -

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