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Saturday, March 24, 2018

FOSI and the First Lady

FOSI and the First Lady

Stephen Balkam calls for Culture of Responsibility
to counter cyberbullying and harassment online
Watch Stephen's interview with NBC Nightly News
On Tuesday, FOSI’s CEO, Stephen Balkam, participated in the Technology and Cyber Safety Roundtable chaired by First Lady Melania Trump at the White House.  Six leading tech companies, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Snap and Amazon were also present and discussed a wide range of issues from how to promote kindness online, to the tech tools parents can use to protect their kids and the pros and cons of anonymity online.  
After the First Lady’s remarks, Stephen Balkam welcomed the initiative with this opening statement:
I am a father of two digital daughters and the Founder and CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute.  FOSI is in its 11th year and we see online safety as the critical challenge of the digital age.

We must create a Culture of Responsibility in which industry, law enforcement, government, parents, teachers and the kids themselves take responsibility for this challenge.  We need to work together to apply the Golden Rule, treating each other as we wish to be treated in our digital lives.

I have worked with all the companies in this room as well as many more across the Internet ecosystem and I look forward to working with you and your team as you work on this initiative. 

For a more detailed readout, here is the AP story that includes quotes from FOSI’s CEO following the event.

We look forward to doing our part by acting as a positive, nonpartisan force in the online safety field, working with the First Lady and her team as well as the wider community of companies, NGOs, researchers and advocates on this set of critical issues.
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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Netflix: Introducing PIN protection and other enhancements for informed viewing

Introducing PIN protection and other enhancements for informed viewing

At Netflix, we offer a wide variety of series and films catering to an equally broad variety of tastes and sensibilities. With that in mind, we are improving some long-standing Netflix features that provide members with the information and tools they need to make wise decisions about what’s right for themselves and for their families. We’re rolling out these improvements across the many devices used by Netflix members, and across our global markets, in the coming months.
The first change involves introducing a PIN parental control for individual movies and series to give parents and guardians more specific control over what children can watch on the service. ... 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

There’s a Soul Behind That Screen | AT&T Cyberbullying Film for Parents

In 2016 AT&T and the All American High School Film Festival staged a contest for teenagers to create short films about online bullying. This film combines a few cyberbullying contest submissions and tells an important story for parents. For more information and resources for understanding the film, please visit


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