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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

ConnectSafely Podcast: Talking with Bullying Experts at IBPA

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ConnectSafely CEO Larry Magid and educator and ConnectSafely Director of K-12 Education Kerry Gallagher at the ConnectSafely podcast booth.

ConnectSafely Podcast: International Bullying Prevention Association's Annual Conference

At last week's IBPA conference in Chicago, ConnectSafely spoke with researchers, educators, psychologists and students about how to prevent and reduce bullying. Some of the podcast highlights:
Building Empathy
Cyberbullying Research Center's Sameer Hinduja on building empathy. Listen
Teen Dating Violence
Students from the Amanda Forum talk about teen dating violence. Listen
Child Safety on Roblox
Roblox director of digital civility Laura Higgins on how the popular platform protects kids. Listen
Combating Bullying
School safety consultant Nancy Buyle on effective strategies to combat bullying. Listen
The Power of Empathy
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence researchers Jessica Hoffman and Julie McGarry talk about their work in promoting empathy and combating bullying. Listen
How Instagram Handles Hate Speech, Bullying 
Instagram policy director Karina Newton on how the company handles privacy, bullying and other problems as well as some of the ways Instagram users are supporting each other in positive ways. Listen

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