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Sunday, May 17, 2015

6 DNS services protect against malware and other unwanted content

Use one of these DNS services to protect your family or business from phishing sites and other unwanted intruders >>>

Board keeps juveniles from reoffending and out of court

The Neighborhood Accountability Board assigned projects to participants. While most juveniles choose to write an essay, 17-year-old Rylan Rumbaugh decided to shoot a short film exploring crime and its effects. He said he hopes to continue filmmaking.

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Watch the video below:

Kiddle: Visual Search Engine for Kids

Kiddle is a family friendly search engine enhanced by Google safe search, so you know you get quality results without any explicit content. Kids may find it difficult to change the default safety settings in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Kiddle does this job for you and blocks all explicit content by default, so you don't need to change any settings. In fact it is NOT possible to turn off the safe search filter on Kiddle, so you know you and your friends are safe searching here. In case some bad words are present in a search query, our guard robot will block the search.

Netsmartz Student Project Kit

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Occupational Therapists Work to End Bullying

BETHESDA, MD (May 5, 2015) — Bullying is one of the most common forms of violence in schools. Nationally, more than 160,000 kids miss school each day for fear of being bullied. Bullying today can take on several different forms: physical aggression like hitting or pushing; verbal intimidation or taunting; more subtle forms of aggression such as campaigning to exclude others, and cyberbullying.

“Occupational therapy practitioners help strengthen physical and mental health and well-being for children who are both bullied and individuals who bully,” says Susan Cahill, PhD, OTR, assistant professor of occupational therapy at Midwestern University, who recently led a research group on the topic. “An increased focus on participation in education, play and leisure, and social activities, can help support communication and interaction skills so that children can navigate complex social situations.”

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Common Sense Kids Action

Common Sense Kids Action is a powerful independent, nonpartisan voice for America's next generation.
By organizing advocates like yourself in all 50 states on issues that affect children on the local, state, and federal levels, we will make kids and education our nation's top priority. Your voice is critical to our work leading to legislative action.

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