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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Haunting (Ebram's Story) [Perfect Paperback]

Ebram Casas-Treski gets the shock of his life when he moves to a new town and learns that he will not be finishing elementary school at the top grade level but going to middle school instead. But loneliness, isolation, and bullies are only the beginning of his problem. Something mysterious is going on, on Texas Thistle Avenue, and it's difficult to ignore. Ice from the tap and in the toilet? Strange voices inside his siblings' heads? His grandfather's story about El DÃ a de los Muertos? And then there are the flying Santas! Ebram needs an answer, and the truth is not what he thinks. Enter the Shroudas, a strange group of tweens and teens who challenge the community with their active belief in doing good and helping others as themselves. But are they too uncool for Ebram to befriend? Parents and children will be drawn into this inspiring first book of author Esther Locascio's Ebram's Story series. The mystery has just begun. Join in the adventure and find out how Ebram gains self-confidence and a sense of purpose. Locascio also extends to readers an invitation to incorporate service to others into their daily lives.

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